Info Circle

EAE - Info Circle widget adds an interactive element to your website. It serve as a multipurpose widget as you can add multiple items inside a single widget.



Info Circle - Skin

  • Skin: Select the layout from the pre build layout styles.

Global Icon

  • Type: Choose the icon type like FontAwesome icon, image or text to display
  • Icon: Select an icon from the FontAwesome library
  • Custom Icon: Upload an icon image
  • View: Choose the default icon view, or select Stacked or Framed
  • Shape: If Stacked or Framed is chosen, choose Circle or Square

Info Circle Items

Info Circle - Items

  • Title: Give title to the each item of the info circle.
  • Icon: To give each item of the info circle a separate icon.
  • Content: Write a short description about the item.


Info Circle - Style


  • Border Type: Set a border around the content
  • Width: If a border type is chosen, set a width for the border
  • Color: Select a color for the border
  • Content Alignment: Align the content Left, Center and Right
  • Content Padding: Choose the padding for the content
  • Title Color: Choose any color for the title
  • Content Color: Choose any color for the content
  • Title Typography: Change the title typography
  • Content Typography: Set content typography
  • Background Type: Select the background type from Classic or Gradient
  • Box Shadow: Add a box shadow effect to the circle


  • Primary Color: Choose the primary color of the icon for both normal and active state
  • Secondary Color: Choose the secondary color of the icon for normal and active state
  • Icon Size: Set the size of the icon
  • Padding: Set the amount of padding around the icon
  • Rotate: Select the number of degrees to rotate the icon, from 0 to 360.
  • Border Style: Select the type of border, choosing from none, solid, double, dotted, dashed, or grooved
  • Border Width: Set the width of the icon border
  • Border Radius: Set the radius of the icon border to control corner roundness